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    50layers PCB, 2mil linewidth spacing 

    Our 15years manufacturing experience, the use of Laser-direct Imaging, laser drilling and contouring, high layer count lamination processing equipment, pulse plating and other specialized equipment factory-wide enables Wintek o produce 50 layer and above rigid boards and rigid-flex circuits up to 20 layers. Backplane thicknesses up to 0.276 (7mm), aspect ratios up to 30:1, 2/2 line/space and impedance controlled designs are produced daily.


    Production Capabilities                                    

    Layers count:  50L

    Min Line width/spacing(mil): 3.0/3.0

    MaxAspect  :     40:1  
    Board thickness(mil): 0.2mm~8.0mm

    Max Panel size: 22.5 x 49

    Min CNC Drilling size : 4mil

    Min Laser Drilling size : 3mil

    Max Fianl copper thickness : 12oz ( inner ) /  12oz ( outlayer )

    Material: FR-4,High Tg FR-4,Halogen free,High Frequenc like Rogers  Arlon Taconic and Nelco
    Surface Treatment:
    HASL,ENIG,ENEPIG,ImmersionSilver,ImmersionTin,FlashGold,GoldenFinger,OSP,Lead free HASL etc

     Rigid-Flex Board

    Mass production capacity for high density rigid-flex board fabrication

    Layer Count/flex layer:36/10

    Min Line width/spacing for inner layer(mil): 3.0/3.0

    Max Aspect Ratio: 20:1
    Min Hole size(mil): 6

    Impedance control:10%   


    3+C+3: Mass production

    4+C+4Small volume}Mass production

    Laser viaPlugging viaMass production

    Min microvia hole size(mil) 4

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