Quality  Control



        Wintek 's certified facilities control key processes to eliminate all potential issues before manufacturing begins.

         Wintek utilizes advanced software to perform extensive DFM analysis on incoming data, and uses advanced quality control systems throughout the manufacturing process.

        Wintek performs 100% visual and AOI inspection as well as performing electrical testing, High Voltage testing, impedance control testing, micro-sectioning, thermal shock testing, solder testing, reliability testing, insulating resistance testing and ionic cleanliness testing.

                          Wintek Commitment to High Quality and Reliability        
    •        100% Electrical Test and AOI inspections 
    •        100% Visual Inspection(including warp & twist check)
    •        Dimensional Inspection (finished hole sizes, PCB profiles, etc)
    •        Microsection
    •        Solderability Test (2455; 3-5 sec)
    •        Thermal Test (2885; 10 sec. inspect delamination, etc)
    •        Tape Test (adhesion test)
    •        Peel Test (conductor peel strength)
    •        Impedance Test
    •        Ionic Contamination Test
    •       Others test required

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