Quality Control


        Winteks reputation is built on its continuous dedication to High quality and Reliability.
      We totally understand the quality is the most critical part in your business .
      Comprehensive, documented processes ensure our consistent quality.
        With an outstanding quality record , Wintek always utilize our ISO certified procedures to build your product. From prototype to production, Wintek has the expertise to effectively and efficiently deliver quality products to your company.
        Wintek will utilizes leading-edge manufacture technology to produce top-quality PCB's on a quick-turn basis, in order to support our customers' accelerating product development cycles.
                    Wintek Commitment to Quality and Reliability
    •        100% Electrical Test and AOI inspections 
    •        100% Visual Inspection(including warp & twist check)
    •        Dimensional Inspection (finished hole sizes, PCB profiles, etc)
    •        Microsection
    •        Solderability Test (2455; 3-5 sec)
    •        Thermal Test (2885; 10 sec. inspect delamination, etc)
    •        Tape Test (adhesion test)
    •        Peel Test (conductor peel strength)
    •        Impedance Test
    •        Ionic Contamination Test
    •       Others test required


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