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           Wintek Circuit Technology Ltd is a leading reliable printed circuit board (PCB) Manufacture in China ,providing cost-saving solutions and high quality PCBs to a wide array of clients  in the electronics manufacture service industry with lots of years.

         Wintek is an ISO 9001-2008 and UL certified contract manufacturer ,our plant area is 8500 square meters, with 500 employees. Monthly capacity is 25000 square meters. Production applications cover Medical, Telecom, Security, Industrial Controls, Automotive and Consumer Electronics.

          As a professional PCB manufacturer , Wintek can meet your all PCB manufacturing needs ,  from single-side to complex multi-layered PCBs. We focus on double-sided and multilayer FR4 PCBs, blind and buried via PCBs, HDI PCBs, high frequency PCBs, metal based PCBs, heavy copper PCBs, mixed material PCBs.  Flexible" and "Adaptable are great descriptions for Wintek's workforce and equipment, we can supply PCB from quick turn prototype, small quantity to mass production .

          Wintek will utilize our ISO certified procedures and leading-edge technology to build products top-quality PCB's on a quick-turn basis; in order to support our customers' accelerating product development cycles.  Our rigorous process controls and high standards of workmanship result in a finished product of superior reliability.

         Our goal is to create a partnering relationship that makes our customers successful in their business , commitment to provide customers with the most innovative manufacturing services with highest value for money, backed by a company that is responsive and reliable.  The effort and commitment of every team member for continuous improvement is fundamental to customer satisfaction, which in turn fuels our growth and competitive position.

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