Layer Count384042
Max. Board Size1067x610mm [42x24"]1092x660mm [43x26"]1092x660mm [43x26"]
Max. Board Thickness6.5mm8mm10mm
Min. Board Thickness0.30mm0.25mm0.20mm
Min. Core Thickness (No include Cu)0.05mm0.05mm0.038mm
Min. Dielectric Thickness0.064mm0.064mm0.038mm
Max. Final Copper ThicknessInner layer10OZ12OZ12OZ
Outer layer10OZ12OZ12OZ
Outer Layer Min. Trace Width/Space (1/3oz starting foil +plating)0.09/0.09mm0.06/0.06mm0.06/0.06mm
Inner Layer Min. Trace Width/Space (Hoz starting foil +plating)0.076/0.076mm0.05/0.05mm0.05/0.05mm
Min. Mechanical Drill Size0.20mm0.20mm0.15mm
Min. Laser Drill Size0.10mm0.10mm0.08mm
Min. Distance between Hole Edge to Hole Edge(Different Net)0.23mm0.23mm0.23mm
Min. Pad Size Over Drill0.46mm0.46mm0.40mm
Aspect Ratio10:110:125:1
Impedance Control Tolerance±10%±8%±5%
Copper Feature to Edge, V-cut (30°)0.40mm0.40mm0.36mm
Copper Feature toPCBEdge,Routed0.25mm0.25mm0.20mm
Tolerance on Overall Dimensions±0.10mm±0.10mm±0.05mm
Surface FinishingImmersion Gold (ENIG),FlashGold, HASL, Lead Free HASL, OSP, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, ENEPIG,Gold Fingers,Tinned Copper, Plated Soft Gold,Wire Bondable Gold, Selective and Multiple Surface Finishing, Carbon Ink, Peelable SM.
MaterialsFR4Normal TgShengyi, ITEQ, KB, Nanya
Mid Tg (Lead Free Compatible)Shengyi S1000/S1000H, ITEQ IT158, KB-6165
High Tg (Lead Free Compatible)

Shengyi S1000-2/S1000-2M,

Isola 370HR,


EMC EM827,

Panasonic R1755V

High Performance Low Loss FR4

Isola FR408, Isola FR408HR, Isola I-Speed, I-Tera MT,

EMC EM828, EM888(S), EM888(K),

Nelco N4000-13EP, EPSI,

Panasonic R5775 Megtron 6

RF Materials

Rogers RO4350B, RO4003C,

Taconic RF-30, RF-35, TLC, TLX, TLY,

Taconic 601, 602, 603, 605

Halogen FreeEMC EM285, EM370(D), Panasonic R1566
Aluminum Backed PCBShengyi SAR20, Bergquist, Yugu YGA
Additional Materials

Rigid Polyimide: Shengyi SH260, Ventec VT901

BT Epoxy: Nelco and Mitsubishi

High CTI FR4: Shengyi S1600

Flexible PCB materials: Dupont, Panasonic, Taiflex, Shengyi

HDI AbilityProtype3+N+35+N+5anylayer
Mass Production3+N+35+N+5anylayer
Rigid-Flexbile Board Layer10R+12F+10R10R+16F+10R10R+16F+10R
High Conductivity PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
Heat sink PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
Embedded Capacitance/Resistance PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
High Frequency High Speed PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
Plated Gold on Step Part Area (Include Gold Finger)Mass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
Second Step PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
Embedded Core PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
Cavity PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production
Aluminum PCBMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production

Advanced Processes

Direct Imaging for Innerlayers, Outerlayers, and Soldermask
Direct Plating for High Layer Count and Microvias PCBs
Reverse Pulse Plating
Solid Copper Plating PTH Vias
XACT Tooling System for Improved Layer-to-layer Registration
Spray Coating for Soldermask
Inkjet Printing for Legend
In-Line AOI for Outerlayers and AOI FOR Final Insepection
ORMET® Copper Paste for Any-layer Connections
ZETA® Materials for HDI and Low-Loss Applications
AVI Testing

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